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A real estate mogul, a haute couture collector married to a plastic surgeon, a rich heiress with a fortune of more than a billion dollars, a famous DJ, a renowned businesswoman and a simple model are the main protagonists of

The Empire of Ostentation

, the "unreal" American reality show just released on Netflix that is leaving more than one with their mouths open.

Filmed just before the pandemic and the lockdowns, the eight episodes of the series present the day-to-day life of a diverse group of extremely wealthy friends whose ideas of how to squander their enormous fortunes surpass (and far) those of the protagonists of others Style shows like

Las Kardashian


The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills


Going shopping, parties, body worship or flying to the other side of the planet in a private jet to celebrate a birthday are the daily activities of life full of luxuries of characters who, in addition to money and a taste for

brilli, brilli

have another one thing in common:

they are all Asians living in Los Angeles or Americans of Eastern descent.

The extravagant reality show begins with the presentation of the


of the group: Kevin Taejin Kreider.

It is about a young model and actor from Philadelphia who decides to move to Los Angeles.

Born in South Korea, he was adopted by an American couple and currently lives in an apartment shared with three other people, for which he claims to pay $ 1,000 a month.

His more than convenient friendship (it is not quite clear how) with

the eccentric Kane Lim, a 31-year-old billionaire investor and real estate magnate

from Singapore, who in order not to get depressed "goes shopping", opens the doors to a whole world glamor (very questionable), ostentation, new friends, luxury brands, exclusive places and restaurants

enjoyed by the community of the richest Asians in the Californian city.

A world where he meets

the quirky Anna Shay (60 years old), half Russian, half Japanese


The wealthy heiress, her incalculable fortune coming from the sale of her father's company, Pacific Architects and Engineers, an American government and defense services contractor, is as generous as it is spoiled.

As soon as she gives her friends Dior slippers or gets them on their private jet to celebrate their birthdays in Paris, she gets mad at not having been invited to an event.

She always has to be the center of attention, and her character clashes with that of

temperamental socialite Christine Chiu, a collector of


jewelery and haute couture items


The envies between Anna and Christine, who presumes that her husband, a Japanese plastic surgeon, is a direct descendant of the last emperor of the Song dynasty (according to Wikipedia, the last of this dynasty to reign was in 1279 ...), offers surreal moments, such as when they argue over which of the two has stayed the longest in the presidential suite of the best hotel in Paris, who offers the most expensive gift to their guests at a dinner or they fight because they have both bought the same ostentatious Louis Vuitton gold and diamond necklace.

Cars, penthouses in Beverly Hills with the best views, exaggerated mansions decorated with all kinds of glitter, impossible dresses, spectacular jewelry, a lot of botox and bland dialogues

hook the viewer from the first chapter of the series, who can hardly believe that someone from I can really lead that kind of life


To complete and give more


to the plot, some of the problems that most "worry" the protagonists are shown, such as the jealous couple fights of

the independent Chinese businesswoman Kelly Mi Li

and her actor boyfriend Andrew Gray, the mourning of the Japanese Cherie Chan, former pop star and current heir to a denim clothing emporium, due to the death of her mother, the interest of the Vietnamese DJ and model Kim Lee (note her great resemblance to Kylie Jenner) to find her biological father or fashion blogger Jamie Xie's concern for her daughter and her partner's not asking her to marry him.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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