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The pandemic has been a time of change or transformation for many.

In the hospitality industry, it has forced them to digitize, to renew themselves, to reinvent themselves.

And new opportunities have also emerged to meet new needs.

Not only paella would be located in this block, a home-delivered rice and fideuas business created by

three childhood friends

and with chef Javier Aranda, two Michelin stars (Gaytán and Retama), in the kitchen.

The story could be said to start in March's home confinement, but in reality it has more to do.

Marcos Harguindey, broker, Enrique Ceca Gómez-Arevalillo, lawyer and Carlos García Verdasco, commercial director, met at school and their friendship has remained until today, with

the kitchen as the scene of the typical piques between colleagues


"On Sundays we were always sending each other photos of the rice we made. There was a certain rivalry to see who did it better."

And so the idea of ​​opening a delivery came up.

Arroz Señoret: seafood stock and squid accompanied by prawns and crayfish.

Summers in the Levante made them fond of rice dishes, but from there to having a kitchen the jump was enormous.

"I am very orderly and I take great care of the presentation. Friends began to ask me for the recipes and I created an account on Instagram," says Harguindey.

"We always commented among ourselves that

there were no places in Madrid that made good rice at home


The project was taking shape, but they needed cooking advice.

"We spoke with cooks; until we told Javier Aranda our idea, he liked it and told us he wanted to come in."

From here, they began to design everything else.

"We had to make the strategic plan of the platform for the orders, which has a lot of crumbs, create the boxes to transport them ...".

In October of last year the tests began with friends and family.

Crunchy fideua: belly pork at low temperature, topped on a plate, with garlic sprouts.

"They kept telling us what they would improve, what they would change, what didn't work ...", recalls this 39-year-old broker.

In December they had polished their staging to the utmost.


We make the rice in llaunas - rectangular metal containers -

for two or three people. The idea is that the rice is thin, that it always comes out the same in flavor and thickness."

Last weekend they sold 140 servings.

"We had to stop taking orders."

Now they have four rice dishes and two fideuas on the menu, although they are already thinking of expanding the 'family'.

"El Señoret is still the favorite, then Mari Montaña and, in third place, the crunchy fideua".

They use the best raw materials (Molina Roca rice, Pescaderías Coruñesas, Central de Carnes Grupo Los Norteños) and prepare the broths, fumés and salmorretas in the kitchen daily.

And to this we must add that it is possible to order a rice from them at 1:00 p.m. and that at 2:30 p.m. it is en route to be delivered


Heat the oven to 200º to give a 3-minute heat stroke to the chosen paella.

Valencian paella with chicken, rabbit, bachoqueta and carafe.


: Plaza de Pedro Zerolo 10. Average price: 16-17 euros / person.

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