The spread of group infection from unauthorized boarding schools operated by Daejeon IM Mission continues.

In Hongcheon, Gangwon-do, 39 additional people, including related students and leaders, were confirmed as confirmed, and the number of related confirmed cases increased to 172.

Reporter Jung Jeong-jin will deliver.

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relation to the unauthorized educational facility operated by IM Mission, 39 confirmed persons were added.

A total of 39 students, including 37 students and the pastor couple who led them, were confirmed in Hongcheon, Gangwon-do.

Among the unauthorized educational facilities operated by IM Mission, these are MTS Youth Training School students, mostly young adults in their 20s.

It was investigated that from the 4th of the past, they stayed in the same building with the IEM students in Daejeon and moved to a church in Hongcheon on the 16th.

If it is revealed that the quarantine obligation is violated, Hongcheong-gun will take a fine and suspend operations.

IEM International School confirmed 1 more.

Of the 158 people, including students and faculty, 133 were confirmed, and a total of 172 were confirmed.

The quarantine rules were not well followed.

I lived up to 20 people in one room, and shared a shower and toilet.

The one-room restaurant has no partitions as the dining table is attached to each other.

A large number of people lived in groups under the conditions of close tightness and close tightness.

On the 12th, after a student first showed cough and headache symptoms, the number of symptoms increased to 6, but it was revealed that there were no tests or hospital treatments.

[Tae-Jung Heo/ Mayor of Daejeon City: It is very regrettable that appropriate measures such as preemptive inspections have not been taken.] The

quarantine authorities have closed boarding schools for three weeks and are investigating the possibility of further transmission.