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Researchers at the University of Edinburgh recently examined dinosaur remains found in Morrin, Alberta (Canada) and Montana (United States).

As they explain in the results of their study published in the

Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences

and relayed by CNN, these are the first known fossils of baby tyrannosaurs.

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Less than a meter

From a claw and a small lower jaw, the team of scientists created 3D scanners that can reconstruct their owners on a computer.

Their analysis tends to show that specimens of this species, which evolved over 70 million years ago, were only about 91 cm long when hatched from their egg, roughly the size of a Border Collie breed dog.

In adulthood, they could reach 13 meters and weigh around eight tons.

No paleontologist has yet found tyrannosaur eggs, but this finding could help spot them in the future.

"Dinosaur babies are very rare," the study's lead author told CNN.

Large specimens are easier to find because their bones are stronger.

Special teeth

Scientists have also learned that the teeth of baby tyrannosaurs are different from those of adults.

Nonetheless, they were able to hunt soon after hatching.

It now remains to determine with precision the number of days they spent inside their shell.

At the start of 2019, several scientists had already looked at very young tyrannosaurs.

They then discovered that their body was covered with a fine down, similar to that of a baby ostrich.


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