The Seoul Police Agency's hearing and investigation joint investigation team, which is investigating the suspicion that the investigator in charge of the black box video containing the scene of the assault of a taxi driver by the Vice Minister of Justice Lee Yong-gu, investigated a company official who restored the black box video today (26th).

Mr. A, an official of a black box restoration company, met with reporters in front of the company today and said, "I met with police investigators for about an hour and a half this morning and took a reference investigation."

Yesterday, Mr. A was called as a reference to the Seoul Central District Prosecutor's Office (Prosecutor Lee Dong-eon) and was investigated.

He explained that the prosecution and police made the same statement about the process of restoring the black box video and the circumstances in which the taxi driver obtained the video.

Mr. A said that on November 7th last year, the day after the assault incident, a taxi driver came and requested a video restoration, saying,'The police station could not play the black box video.

He said, "After restoring the video, I asked the driver to take the video with a mobile phone," he said. "I put a black box on the taxi and restored it."

According to Mr. A, two days later, on the 9th, a police officer at the Seocho Police Station in Seoul called and asked about the video, and replied, "The taxi driver took a video with a mobile phone. And hung up.

About an hour later, the police called again and asked,'The taxi driver says there is no (black box) content, but what is it?' and asked to check the taxi driver's mobile phone. Do it.

The policeman who called twice was the same person, Mr. A said.

However, he said that it was about two months ago that he could not remember the contents of the video, and that the video was not being archived.

On the night of November 6, last year, Vice Minister Lee assaulted a taxi driver who tried to wake him up in front of his apartment in Seocho-gu, Seoul, but he was not arrested.

The investigator in charge checked the black box video containing the moment of the case, but controversy is spreading as it was announced late that the case was closed by applying the criminal charges for assault.