On January 15, the young Yuriy, 15, was violently assaulted in a street in the 15th arrondissement of Paris.

If no arrest has yet taken place ten days after the facts, the investigators favor the track of a settling of scores between rival gangs, a phenomenon well known to their services.

Ten days after the lynching of Yuriy, this 15-year-old teenager violently beaten in the 15th arrondissement of Paris, the investigators seem to favor the trail of a clash between rival gangs, a phenomenon known in Paris and closely followed by the forces of the order.

Only ten days after the facts, still no arrests took place.

A neighborhood little known for its gangs

In the capital, around fifteen gangs are identified by the police.

Bands around which other small groups revolve, more or less autonomous, and which can be drawn into pack phenomena.

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But what is surprising in this case is that the Beaugrenelle district, in the 15th arrondissement - where the attack took place - is not particularly known for being the haunt of one of these gangs.

Clashes more often take place in eastern Paris, particularly in the 10th, 19th and 20th centuries.

Rivalries remain most of the time concentrated around a district or between two neighboring cities.

A crisis unit to prevent clashes 

However, the phenomenon is not new.

In 2010, a special cell was created within the police to follow these gangs and try to prevent clashes.

But what this brigade notes is the disproportion between the origin of these fights - a simple provocation on social networks, for example - and the extreme violence that results from it.

Today, minors no longer hesitate to use bladed weapons during punitive expeditions against their rivals.


- Beating of a teenager in Paris: the Elysee had an "exchange" with mother Yuriy

After the images of this attack filmed by surveillance cameras were broadcast on social networks, Omar Sy, Ribery, Griezamnn and other personalities reacted to support the 15-year-old teenager still hospitalized in serious condition.

The political world has also given all its support to the family, starting with the Minister of the Interior, who denounced an "attack of incredible savagery".

The mother of the young boy also had "an exchange" with the Elysee Palace, according to information obtained Sunday by Europe 1.