The police apologized for allegations that the black box video containing the assault of a taxi driver by Vice Minister of Justice Lee Yong-gu was confirmed and covered by an investigator in charge.

Investigation Bureau Chief Seung-ryul Choi, the head of the National Investigation Headquarters, said at a press conference held at the National Police Agency on the morning of the 25th, "I explained about the incident at the end of last year, but it was confirmed that some of the cases were not true, so I regret it very much to the public.

Earlier, on December 28 of last year, the police explained to the effect that there is no video of a taxi black box to prove Lee's crime.

However, when it was revealed that the investigator in charge of the Seocho Police Station confirmed the black box video on November 11 last year, the Seoul Police Agency formed a joint fact-finding team for hearing and investigation, and ordered an investigator in charge on standby.

Police Commissioner Kim Chang-ryong also said, "With the revision of the law (dividing the police into state, autonomous, and investigative police), responses to investigations are limited," he said. "I fully agree to take strict measures according to the results of the investigation."