The little boy suffered from "serious traumatic intracranial injuries, caused by a recent episode of violence".

His father and mother-in-law were arrested and taken into custody ten days ago. 

A five-year-old boy, suffering from a permanent disability, found unconscious 10 days ago in Olivet, in the Loiret, has died, we learned Monday from a police source.

The little boy suffered "from serious traumatic intracranial injuries, caused by a recent episode of violence. His body also bears traces of numerous lesions and scars, as well as bone fractures, evoking repeated violence over time, caused by one or more third ", had indicated, after the discovery of the child, Emmanuelle Bochenek-Puren, prosecutor of the Republic of Orleans, in a press release.

The mother and stepfather arrested ten days ago

The child's stepfather and his mother were arrested and taken into custody 10 days ago in Orléans.

The prosecution had requested their placement in pre-trial detention.

The Orléans prosecutor's office, which it had not yet been possible to reach on Monday, then announced the opening of a judicial investigation of the counts of willful violence resulting in permanent disability committed on a minor of 15 years per person having authority, voluntary abstention from preventing a crime or an offense against the integrity of a minor of 15 years and not denouncing a crime.

Two temporary placement orders had been taken in order to entrust the legal custody of the little boy to the social assistance for children of Loiret and to ensure the protection of a four-month-old infant, child of the couple arrested and who lived at their home. .