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Huawei is currently considering selling part of its mobile division, more specifically the one in charge of manufacturing its high-end models.

According to Reuters, the Chinese brand in trade war with the United States could sell part of its mobile-related activities to a consortium of Chinese companies backed by the Shanghai government.

Concretely, this means that in the future the P and Mate ranges of the company could continue to exist but under a different name, like what was achieved with Honor.

The Chinese firm had sold the latter in order to circumvent the American sanctions imposed on it.

A project still under discussion

By selling part of its mobile division, Huawei wants to show that links with military and 5G entities that worry the United States are cut.

Ultimately, this would allow future P and Mate smartphones to recover Google services but also to be able to use American processors, like Qualcomm, all of which are currently prohibited for Huawei devices.

However, Reuters said the proposed sale was still at the discussion stage.

A spokesperson for the Chinese firm has also formally denied the information put forward by the press agency.

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