437 new corona 19 confirmed cases were recorded in one day, while 400 were added.

In particular, 127 people, including students and teachers, were collectively infected at an unauthorized boarding mission school in Daejeon, and the government decided to inspect similar facilities in Japan to prevent further spread.

Reporter Ahn Sang-woo delivers.


Among the new corona19 confirmed cases, 405 cases were infected in Korea, with more than half of 229 cases occurring concentrated in non-metropolitan areas.

At an international mission school in Daejeon, 127 people, including students and teachers who were living in boarding, were infected.

This boarding school is an unlicensed facility operated by a missionary in Daejeon, and it has been investigated that it has not been registered with the relevant authorities as a school or academy.

In particular, local governments were instructed to prevent facility operation, but since the beginning of last month, 120 students have entered and lived in groups with staff.

The quarantine authorities estimate that the virus was introduced into the facility through asymptomatic infections or teachers who were commuting to work.

As a result of the epidemiological investigation, the first suspected symptoms appeared on the 12th of last month, but no measures such as diagnostic tests were taken.

In addition, up to 20 people lived in one room, and the dining room was not even equipped with partitions, which made us angry.

[Heo Tae-jung/ Mayor of Daejeon City (Daejeon City's Official YouTube Channel): It is estimated that many people lived in a group in three dense conditions such as dense, closed, and intimate.]

The school facilities operated by this mission are all school facilities. There are 23 locations, and each municipality is planning to conduct additional inspections of these facilities.

The government asked the quarantine authorities to promptly conduct an epidemiological investigation to prevent further spread.

In addition, related ministries such as the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Education and local governments have jointly identified the status of similar dormitory-type schools and academy facilities and have them urgently inspected.

[Sae-Kyun Jeong/Prime Minister: Please consider alternative schools nationwide as one and take quarantine measures.

In addition, taking this opportunity to check the boarding facilities of similar alternative schools and take necessary quarantine measures (must be prepared.)]

Meanwhile, the number of deaths infected with Corona 19 increased by 11 a day yesterday, and 1,360 people have died so far.