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I have read many articles that a director of a welfare facility for the disabled in Daejeon indiscriminately assaulted students.

A man kicks a man sitting on the sofa, grabs his head, and even throws it to the floor.

This happened last November at a shelter for the disabled in Daejeon.

The person struck is a 30-year-old student with severe autism, and the person struck is the director of the facility.

Last summer, in front of an intellectually handicapped person in his twenties, he lifted a bamboo sword and struck a punching bag with all his might.

It is said that people with disabilities, whose parents do not visit often due to livelihood problems, were mainly targeted for violence.

Eventually, the social service worker who was watching this was unbearable and started filming.

The tax provided to this facility is 150 million won every year, but the city of Daejeon or the competent ward office blamed the corona and did not properly inspect it, the broadcast said.

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was also a high interest in the article that a government official in the Gangwon region was busy asking for a car to be removed.

A man and a building owner who drove into the parking lot of someone else's building called to ask for the car to be removed, but as soon as he came, he said he was a public servant and laughed at him.

Over the next two days, I also sent a text message to the building owner, and there was a message asking where to go to the public officials and seeing the end. This man was actually a public servant working at an office affiliated with Wonju City Hall.

He said that he was angry when he asked a drunk person to pull out the car immediately, even though he did not remember the situation very well.

I don't remember sending a text message, but I said I would apologize, and it was confirmed that I did it.

However, the building owner reported the man to the police and is in a position to file a complaint in Wonju.

Wonju city said it would conduct its own investigation when a complaint is received.


There will be many subways and buses on the way to work, but there were many people wondering if it would be possible to get on without worrying about coronavirus.

So far, 37 cases of infection have been reported among public transportation workers such as Seoul city buses and subways.

There was no further spread of infection through this.

To see if there was really a virus, the city of Seoul examined the indoor air, handles, and chairs on the bus and subway used by the confirmed patient, and collected 450 samples, but no virus was detected.

It is an analysis that it is thanks to the efforts of citizens who well kept personal hygiene such as wearing masks, washing hands, and refraining from talking.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government regularly conducts preemptive, full-scale inspections on public transportation workers, and once more in the following month for viruses in subway carriages.