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anonymous chat room where more than 1,000 local residents participated, an aide from a member of the National Assembly pretended to be a local resident and was caught trying to gather public opinion.

He was an assistant to Congressman Hwang Hee, a nominee for the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

Reporter Ho-Geon Lee reports exclusively.

<Reporter> This

is an anonymous chat room for KakaoTalk for people who have a house in Mok-dong, Seoul.

Mainly, real estate information is shared, with over 1,400 residents participating.

In this room, Mr. Kim, who claims to be a Mok-dong resident, has been posting articles for the past year.

Regarding complaints such as criticizing the slow reconstruction or relocating a cogeneration plant, they disagreed, saying, "Don't agitate the residents strangely," and not everyone wants that.

When a criticism comes out of the criticism of Rep. Hwang Hee of the Democratic Party, Yang Cheon-gap, Seoul, he said, "What did our Mok-dong like in the past Rep. Won Hee-ryong?" I also praise it.

At the same time, he introduces that he is the only person who voted for Hwang, and that all he encountered three times in the apartment complex was all.

It turned out to be a lie for a year.

As the biased text was repeated, the residents who thought it was strange questioned him, and at the end of last year, Mr. Kim confessed that he was an assistant to the Hwanghee office.

I am not a Mok-dong resident, but I have been working as if I were a resident.

[Mr. Kim Mo/Hwang Hee, Assistant to the Office of Representatives: (Do you live as a shepherd?) No.

Since you are a resident of our local district, what are your needs and what is happening in the complex?


You should know, are we not going to respond and prepare policies.]

Kim left the chat room after posting a long apology.

Residents are reported to be preparing for legal action, claiming that they were ridiculed by Mr. Kim.

Rep. Hwang-hee, who is preparing for a hearing as a candidate for the Minister of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, said that he had no knowledge of chat room activities and that he would demote Kim to secretary and take additional personnel measures.

(Video coverage: Jongsoo Hong, Video editing: Jiin Park, VJ: Hyungjin Kim)