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bunch of corona confirmed cases are appearing at a boarding school run by a missions organization in Daejeon.

There are 23 educational facilities operated by this mission group nationwide, and most of them live in camps or live in groups, so there is concern about the spread of infection.

Reporter Han So-hee on the report.

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20 students leaping indoors and shouting slogans.

[TCS Fighting!]

This is an online video posted by an unauthorized educational facility of IM Mission.

In the video seen earlier this year, many of the students do not wear masks at all or wear them on their chins.

In August of last year, IM Mission broke the order to restrict the assembly of religious facilities and held an event for 300 students from all over the country.

[IM Missionary Representative: My child is dying because of his cell phone.

But the church doesn't do this, so please do something.

I do not save lives, but to save souls.]

Many of these educational facilities are operated in the form of camps in connection with churches.

[TCS International School officials: Come to class at 9 o'clock, finish at 5 o'clock and learn individually.

(Do you all sleep together here?) Right.

Because he had a bed.] It

is not an academy or school, but an unauthorized facility, so it is out of the quarantine surveillance network.

[Sae-Kyun Jeong/Prime Minister: Please take action against quarantine by considering alternative schools across the country as one.] The

quarantine authorities have initiated a full inspection of the unauthorized educational facilities of IM Mission.