What's the best baby monitor without a camera?

And which one has the best price-quality ratio?

NU.nl and the Consumers' Association provide an answer.

There are baby monitors that only transmit the sound of your baby and there are video baby monitors with a camera, with which you can also see what is happening in your child's bedroom.

In this article we only focus on the baby monitors.

The Consumers' Association tests baby monitors on sound quality, battery life and range, among other things.

A total of 38 baby monitors have been tested and are readily available.

Little beats an audio baby monitor.

You have a long range, no interference and the battery lasts a long time.

Within the 'sound only' category, two Philips devices came out as Best in the Test.

We discuss the cheapest.

Two copies of Alecto with the same price are Best Buy.

Best in Test: Philips Avent SCD723 / 26

  • Price: 86 euros

  • Test verdict: 7.6

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This Philips model has several extras.

There is a temperature sensor, a night mode and a night light.

You can also have this device play lullabies if your child needs them.

This Philips Avent works with DECT technology.

DECT is a digital standard that has been used for years for cordless 'landline' telephones.

A sound baby monitor with DECT is interference-free, has a long range and the connection is private.

Disadvantage: this type of baby monitor cannot be expanded with extra baby units, for use in multiple rooms.

The range of this baby monitor is good.

The sound function is sufficient.

This baby monitor also has a talk-back function.

This means that you can say something to your child via the baby monitor.

Best Buy: Alecto DBX-88 ECO

  • Price: 62 euros

  • Test verdict: 7.5

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The test rating of this Best Buy from Alecto is slightly less than the Best from the Test from Philips.

It is a lot cheaper at 62 euros.

The DBX-88 does what it has to do and has handy extras.

The sound is good and the quality is clearly visible with the green and red LEDs.

On the illuminated screen of the parent unit, you can see the battery level, the temperature and whether the star-shaped night lights are on or off.

The battery life is not great at thirteen hours.

The range is average: when we walk outside, the sound starts to falter for the first time after 65 meters and after 130 meters we have completely lost contact.


In this column we write weekly about household and technological appliances that have been tested by the Consumers' Association.

This is a collaboration between the independent editors of NU.nl and the Consumers' Association.

The Consumers' Association tests thousands of products every year, together with qualified technicians in specialized laboratories at home and abroad.

The products being tested are store-bought so they are not pre-manipulated by manufacturers.

New models are tested as soon as possible after introduction.

How fast that is differs per product.

The Best in the Test is the product with the best test rating.

This can also be a somewhat older model, because a newer model is not always better.

The Best Buy is the product with the best price-quality ratio.