Vice Minister of Justice Lee Yong-gu issued a statement and apologized for the controversy over the'taxi driver assault'.

Vice Minister Lee Yong-gu said in a statement issued by his attorney today (24th), "Although it was a case before his appointment to public office, it was regrettable that it caused concern to the public and suffered from the first investigation by the police and the prosecution. I am sorry to you again,” he said.

Vice Minister Lee Yong-gu said that the video of the vehicle's black box containing the situation at the time was submitted to the prosecution, saying, "It will serve as a basis for objectively judging the substance of the case". "It is fortunate that it was submitted to the investigation agency in any case." It.

Regarding some reports of requesting the taxi driver to delete the video at the time, he avoided commenting, saying, "There is a great concern that the fact that a battle for authenticity over the content of the taxi driver's statement is highly likely to cause another pain to the driver."

(Photo = Yonhap News)