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are 431 new confirmed cases of Corona 19.

Over the past few days, it has remained at the 300-400 range, and the slow decline has been maintained.The upcoming Corona 19 vaccine will be available, and the government will announce a specific vaccination plan next Thursday.

This is reporter Ahn Sang-woo.


Among the 431 new confirmed cases, 403 were domestically infected.

Over the past week, the average number of domestic infections per day has dropped to 384.

It took 57 days to fall below 400 people, which is the standard of the 2.5 step distance upgrade.

[Kwon Jun-wook/President of the National Institute of Health: There is no doubt that the epidemic is decreasing, but if an explosive epidemic occurs in an environment of three mills, the group may lead another epidemic...

.] The

government has begun reviewing the expansion of classes for the new semester.

Studies show that children under the age of 10 have a lower risk of infection than adults, and that if quarantine rules are followed, the possibility of large-scale outbreaks in schools is lower.

The government, which has formed a corona vaccination response team and prepared an implementation plan, will officially announce specific plans on the 28th and next Thursday.

Who will get the vaccine first and how, the target, schedule, and institution will be included.

32 million to 36 million people, including medical institution workers, group facility residents and workers, the elderly over 65 years old, and adults with chronic diseases, are considered as priority vaccination targets.

How to manage if an adverse reaction occurs after vaccination may include preparation for adverse vaccine side effects.