The Italian privacy watchdog ordered the Chinese app TikTok on Friday to immediately block all accounts whose age cannot be verified.

The reason for this is the death of a ten-year-old girl, who had probably participated through the social medium in a so-called

blackout challenge

, where the challenge is to suffocate yourself for as long as possible.

In a statement, the watchdog said that TikTok had previously committed to block users under the age of 13, but those rules were easy to get around.

Therefore, the Chinese app must now block all users whose age has not been confirmed.

As a result, those accounts can no longer respond and upload videos themselves.

The blockade applies until at least February 15, reports the privacy watchdog.

It is not known how many accounts are covered.

TikTok has not responded yet.

The Italian privacy watchdog also reprimanded the company in December.

According to authorities in the country, TikTok is doing too little to protect minors on the platform.

Police have started an investigation into the girl's death.

For example, it is investigated whether someone invited her to participate in the

blackout challenge

and thus possibly incited her to commit suicide.

The girl's death sparked outrage in Italy.

Are you thinking about suicide or are you worried about someone else?



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