Nowadays, people who want to enjoy ice fishing in dams and reservoirs in Gangwon-do are flocking.

Villagers are worried that the corona will spread.

Reporter Cho Jae-geun covered it.


Dozens of fishermen gathered on the ice plate in the upper town of Chuncheon Dam in Gangwon-do.

Set up a tent and break the ice to catch smelt.

The villagers struck a net and blocked it with a banner asking you not to come this year, but to no avail.

[Fishinger: I had been with my real kids for two months (only at home) before coming out. It's cramped, but there's no way.]


crowded in

nearby villages.

Hundreds of people. I go fishing with my mask off and enjoy food and alcohol everywhere.

[Fishinger: I tend to eat a little apart, so well. (Corona) If you're scared of that, you can't think of going outside.] The

driveway to the village is an illegal parking.

Cars can get tangled hundreds of meters, clogging roads.

[Neighboring villagers: They don't know how to care for others and only think about themselves.]

Residents are bound to feel uncomfortable and anxious.

[Village residents: What would everyone in this area do if they said they were infected here? Everything is anxious.]

There are places that block the entrance to the village.

It is a village upstream of Chuncheon Dam. This village is blocked from the entrance, and the entrance of outsiders is controlled.

Chuncheon City has undertaken a special inspection, but there is no way to forcibly stop fishermen.

[Chuncheon City Hall Inspection Team: Please wear a mask. Please. (Yes.)] In

the situation where the winter festival was canceled due to Corona, the inconvenience of the residents is not the only one because of the fishing people flocking to where the ice is frozen.