How to recalibrate the compass on your smartphone -


Remember, a few years ago, buyers of a new smartphone generally had to perform a curious ritual: move their smartphone on an axis by reproducing a shape resembling the number 8. The method allowed to calibrate the smartphone's compass, on first ignition.

Now, the smartphone is generally calibrated before its configuration by the user.

However, it is sometimes practical to recalibrate the compass of your smartphone to improve the accuracy of the location of your mobile, if it seems less precise than before.

With google maps

Google Maps is the tool that will allow you to easily reconfigure the compass of your device.

Launch the application and press the small blue dot that represents you on the map.

How to recalibrate the compass on your smartphone - geeko

You will bring up a menu in which several options will be displayed: display nearby places, share your location, save your parking space, calibrate with Live View and… calibrate the compass (bottom left).

Click on this tab.

How to recalibrate the compass on your smartphone - geeko

Google will then ask you to follow this curious ritual by reproducing a shape of eight by moving your smartphone as if it were following a roller coaster.

Be sure to reproduce the shape as closely as possible.

The accuracy of your GPS will be even better once the ritual is completed.

Validate with OK and you are ready to set off again to conquer the world!

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