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Tired of bad news?

Apathy invades you?

There are no magic formulas to solve all that.

But at least there is one person who has decided that we can see life differently.


joy, curiosity and interest in small details


He is John Wilson, a New Yorker who tells things with his camera and who tries to make us all smile with

How to with John Wilson


How to with John Wilson


one of the great recent gems in the HBO catalog


Since it was released a few months ago, this

unusual documentary series

that could be described as a comedy has been conquering critics and viewers.

On ranking websites such as






the score it receives does not drop below 7.8.

And it has already been

announced that there will be a second season.

John Wilson walks with his camera through the streets of New York.


John Wilson is a 34-year-old New Yorker

who has worked in the audiovisual industry from a young age.

He has made short films, commercials and documentaries.

He has recorded pieces for the Sundance Film Festival and recorded part of a David Byrne tour.

He even worked for a time as a private investigator.

Always armed with his camera,

Wilson has plenty of archival footage shot casually on the streets of New York


With all this, he manages to support each of the statements he makes with his voice-over.

And, the stranger what appears, the better.

As if that were not enough, write down everything that happens in life.


day he

records everything that happens to him in agendas

that can be seen in a chapter.

A strange guy?


He lives alone and does not leave home without his little camera.

One of the signs advertising 'How to with John Wilson'.



six episodes of less than 30 minutes

each, this production - half documentary, half


- shows us countless images taken by John Wilson on the streets of New York.

Each chapter is focused on one topic


Hence the

How to with ...


How do something ...


Let no one expect anything sensible.

If in one chapter the

thousands of scaffolds that populate New York

are reviewed with great humor

, in another it talks about how to divide a bill in a restaurant and what people do to avoid paying more.

In another we see umpires getting angry at a party and, previously, we follow a drunk through the streets of New Orleans ...

More or less mundane matters that, thanks to the images and an ingenious

script written by John Wilson himself

, acquire enormous importance.

John Wilson's thoughts are supported by everyday scenes that, although almost all of us have lived, on screen and

told with grace and a certain tenderness are


Most of the anonymous citizens who appear on

How to with John Wilson

do not know that they are being recorded.

Scene with unique characters that appears in the series.


Discovering people who

refuse to pay their bill

at the restaurant, others who walk through the Big Apple in unique costumes more typical of a movie or an Italian who teaches Wilson how to prepare a risotto while

warning him of the aliens

provides unique moments.

In this documentary series there are women and men who say many

absurd things


For example, if we remember things wrong it is because of the multiverses.

Or that there is nothing better in your free time than looking for pedophiles on the net.

Not to mention the young men Wilson crosses paths with at a Cancun resort converted into an MTV set.

Any excuse is good for John Wilson to tell us that

we are all unique

, that

loneliness is the great evil

of our days and that, as soon as we try, we can discover that there are unique things.

And even being weird is good.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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