• Security The Government warns about a serious security problem in Windows: this is how you can solve it

Windows has a new and serious flaw

that has been discovered by a researcher specialized in Windows security: if you access a specific folder, you lock your computer and it crashes every time you try to start it again.

According to BleepingComputer, it is a relatively new failure, as it has been discovered in the

latest versions of Windows 10,

but given its severity, many experts have echoed it.

Its operation is simple: if you enter

a specific address in the search bar

of a Windows window, the computer enters a loop that it cannot solve.

The line of code would be the following:

\\. \ globalroot \ device \ condrv \ kernelconnect

Avoiding this problem is very easy: as much as

not accessing that part of the Windows kernel


But given how the world of viruses, security and undesirable hackers works today, it is possible that a malicious user could trick another into accessing that directory without knowing what the consequences are.

Camouflaging a link with the address is extremely easy

today and could be sent by email, causing serious problems.

The researchers also warn that the mere fact of downloading a file that contains this shortcut, without ever opening it, can cause the computer to stop working and enter a loop without solution.

At the moment,

there is no solution to this problem

and, according to Microsoft, they "will investigate the cause of this security flaw and will give more information about the affected devices as soon as possible."

As we always recommend, if you have any questions about a file that comes to us by mail, it is best

not to download it and make sure whoever sends it to us

is a reliable contact that has not been impersonated.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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