Videos of teenage students who engage in violence and assault on women and the elderly on the train are heating up online.

From the night of the 21st, the video spread rapidly through social media and online communities, such as Facebook, and caused confusion among netizens.

The male students in the video, known as preliminary junior high school seniors, committed such a brutality at the Uijeongbu light rail and the elderly seats of subway line 1.

In the video, students swear words with women, choke their throats, fall to the floor, and sit side by side in the seats of the elderly and play with the elderly.

The real names and school names of the students were posted on a number of social media sites, and when related reports were followed, the police began an investigation.

The Uijeongbu Police Department said, "The current case is assigned to the investigation team to identify the students in the video and the students who filmed it."

Let’s watch the video together.

(Composition: Hwi-ran Kim, editor: Seung-yeon Park)