<Anchor> In the

metropolitan subway, a video of middle school students swearing and assaulting the elderly is spreading, causing confusion.

The police investigated the perpetrators, but because they were minors under the age of 14, criminal penalties were avoided.

Reporter Han Sung-hee on the report.

<Reporter> A

male student responds with harsh swear words to a yelling middle-aged woman.

[(Woman: Do it!) Student: XXX!] The

student wraps the woman's neck with his arm and knocks it down.

The student taking the video asks if this situation is fun.

A passenger standing in front scolds a middle school student sitting in the senior seat.

The old man sitting next to him pulls the student's earlobe and shakes it off and curses the passengers who dry.

[Student: Don't take magazines, XXX!] When an

elderly person tries to punish a student, he confronts him with harsh words.

[Student: Hit it, hit it.] These

are videos that have been spreading online since yesterday (21st), and resentment broke out over the violent and spoiled appearance of middle school students.

The identity of the students was even revealed on the Internet, and protest calls struck the school they attend.

[In the video, junior high school principal: General citizens, especially grandparents, call a lot and are in this situation. 'Please make me awakened by worker bee-baekye'... .] The

police called the two students and the victims in the video to investigate.

Students are known to have claimed that the other party first sweared and criticized.

The police decided to send the students to the court juvenile department because they were minors under the age of 14 who could not be punished.

(Video coverage: Inpil-seong and Ha-Ryung, video editing: Kim Jun-hee)