Children who have been severely abused at home like this one are immediately separated from their parents and stayed in different places.

Such separation measures are of course important, but it is a matter for our society to deeply consider how to entrust and protect children for the future of children.

Reporter Yoo Su-hwan pointed out this part.


Gunpo baby, who was 3 months old, had an older sister who was a preschooler.

[Former neighbor: (first tell) my mother 'Hey, I gotta' This report only noticed, I'm shy and Then]

the police report and sisters all separated parents geolro also placed on the abuse risk sister moved to a shelter temporary shelters It.

In the shelter, the average stayed for about 3 months, but the abused 3-month baby stayed for 8 months due to hospital treatment and recovered.

The court decides whether to return the children sent to the shelter to their original home or to a long-term care facility such as a nursing facility, based on criminal punishment for parents and the parenting environment.

It is known that the Gunpo sisters were moved to a long-term care facility in June of last year and are staying with them.

In long-term care facilities, up to 27 years of age can stay at a cost of living.

However, if parents have custody, it is difficult to restrict parents from taking children unless the court imposes separate sanctions.

[Ministry of Health and Welfare Officials: If parents say they will take them, there are various interventions and efforts, but there is a poor part.

It is a structure that has no choice but to rely on the judgment of the facility manager.] In

the case of the Gunpo sisters, the mother arrested on suspicion of serious injury may be deprived of parental rights.

However, the father, who is being investigated for neglect, is more likely to maintain parental authority.

Considering the future of the child, it is necessary to establish a system in which state agencies can closely analyze and judge abuse cases as to which decisions are best.

[Shin Hyun-young/Deo-eo Democratic Party Member: There is no basis for limiting the parental rights of the other parent if one person commits a harsh act.

Even if I took the child back, it was difficult to prevent it.]

(Video coverage: Yang Hyun-cheol, video editing: Lee So-young) 

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