In 1985, the 63rd building, the tallest building in Korea at the time, was built in Yeouido, Seoul.

The company that built 63 Building, which was considered the symbol of Seoul, was Shin Dong-A Group, which owned Daehan Life Insurance and Shin Dong-A Construction.

Shin Dong-A Group was once large enough to have 22 affiliates, but the group was disbanded when it went bankrupt in 1999 due to the IMF crisis.

Former chairman Choi Soon-young, who was the owner of the group, was sentenced to an additional KRW 157.4 billion in a five-year imprisonment for taking his property abroad in 2006.

However, two years later, former Chairman Choi was specially pardoned, and so far, President Choi has not paid only 1 won except for the 3.7 billion won forcibly redeemed by the government.

In addition, as of the end of last year, as of the end of last year, it is ranked 3rd in high tax delinquency because it has not paid more than 100 billion won.

As a result of the panda team's coverage until the end, the panda team reported that he and his wife were living in a luxury villa in Gangnam, Seoul.

We checked how it can be.

Reporter Kim Kwan-jin and reporter So Hwan-wook will deliver.

<Reporter Kwan-jin Kim> This

is a villa complex in Yangjae-dong, Seoul, where two-story and three-story house-style villas called'Chairman's House' are gathered.

Former Shin Dong-A Group Chairman Soon-young Choi lives in this villa with a total area of ​​328 square meters, and the actual transaction price at the end of last year was 3.15 billion won.

[Neighboring real estate agent: You can see about 3~4 billion won here.

If there are the first to the third floor, it is a house where one family lives.

There is also a yard.]

In 2013, former chairman Choi told the city government officials who came to collect taxes after opening the door that the church lent them to live for free.

[Choi Soon-young/Former Chairman of Shin Dong-A Group (2013): I don't pay.

We don't pay, and the ○○○ church lends them all for free.]

At that time, some 100 million won worth of money, such as cash and luxury watches, were found in the house and seized.

However, this villa is not owned by the church, contrary to the words of former president Choi, but owned by his wife, Lee Hyeong-ja, the chairman of the religious foundation and the Christian Mission Torch Foundation.

The Torch Foundation has not only the villas in which the former president and his wife reside, but also two more villas next to them, and when we checked the residents of these two villas, they were the first and second sons of the former president.

[Villa officials: Choi’s house now lives with three people, but Choi Soon-young, Choi ○○, all probably don’t want to meet the broadcasters…

.] The

Torch Foundation declared the purpose of use of these villas as'training centers' while reporting the articles of association to the city of Seoul.

It is reported as a facility for the education of pastors, and in reality, the couple of former President Choi and the family of two sons live for free.

[Seoul City Officer: If you clearly indicate that the building is a training center and you write it in the articles of association and report it, you should use it as a training center.

If you say you only use it as a family home, it will be a problem.]

Former Chairman Choi himself has said that his son does not have a special job and is helping the foundation.

[Choi Soon-young/Former Chairman of Shin Dong-A Group (2015): My son has nothing to do these days, so the missionary has a farm in Anseong.

They farm there.] The

company is ruined and is not paying any additional fines and taxes, but not only the former chairman Choi, but also his son, continue their luxurious lives through the foundation.

(Video coverage: Bae Moon-san·Joo Yong-jin, video editing: Lee Hong-myeong)

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