Today (20th) President Moon Jae-in announced that the possibility of securing an additional 20 million corona vaccines has opened up.

It is also planning to sign a contract to transfer vaccine technology from overseas pharmaceutical companies to Korea.

Reporter Junmo Moon reports how much vaccine will be secured, when the first supply will be, and related to vaccines.


President Moon Jae-in visited SK Bioscience's corona vaccine consignment production plant in Andong, Gyeongbuk.

At this meeting, President Moon announced the possibility of securing additional vaccines for the US pharmaceutical company NovaVax.

[President Moon Jae-in: In addition to the 56 million vaccines secured so far, the possibility of securing an additional 20 million vaccines has been opened.]

President Moon also held a video conference with NovaVax CEO Stanley Erck.

President Moon asked for a quick completion of the technology transfer contract underway with SK, and President Erck replied that the agreement was going well.

As early as this month, a technology transfer contract will be signed, and the vaccine to be produced under this contract will be supplied in Korea as early as May, the Blue House said.

An official from the Blue House explained that the shelf life of NovaVax vaccine in particular is 1 to 3 years in undiluted solution and 1 to 2 years in finished product, and that it can be used next year as well.

Prime Minister Chung Sye-gyun mentioned the possibility of early vaccine supply.

Prime Minister Chung said that out of the 10 million vaccines contracted with Cobax Facility, 50,000 will arrive at the beginning of next month and are in discussions to start vaccinations in the early and mid next month.

However, an official from the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that the quantity, timing, and type of vaccines have not been finalized and will be decided after the end of this month.

(Video coverage: Jung-young Cho·Il, Editing video: Jeong-sam Park, CG: Yu-ra Kang· Jiwon Choi)  

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