Famous actress Park Si-yeon got into a car accident while driving while drinking alcohol in broad daylight.

I was intoxicated at the level of revocation of my license.

Reporter Han Sung-hee makes an exclusive report.

<Reporter> A

white car moves to the shoulder, followed by a black foreign car.

Soon after, a police car that was dispatched stops in front of both vehicles.

They were dispatched to rectify a contact accident caused by a foreign car.

[Witness: It looks like an accident occurred while entering from the three-way intersection.

It seemed to come in after turning on the blinker in the state of an accident.

Parking on the shoulder...

.] The

accident took place on the 17th, on the 17th, during broad daylight on the weekend, when a Mercedes came from behind hitting the rear bumper of an Avante car waiting for a signal to turn left at this intersection.

The traffic police around the area saw the accident and dispatched.

The driver of the offending vehicle was famous actor Park Si-yeon.

As a result of drinking alcohol, Mr. Park's blood alcohol concentration was 0.097%.

I was intoxicated, which corresponds to cancellation of my driver's license.

Fortunately, it is said that neither Park nor the driver of the victim vehicle were seriously injured.

The police charged Mr. Park on the charge of drunk driving and sent him home.

In a police investigation, Mr. Park was known to have admitted to driving while drinking.

Park's agency revealed that it is currently grasping the facts.

(Video coverage: Chansu Lee, Video editing: Seunghee Lee)