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Not everything was going to be binge on series and movies.

Not the reality and cooking shows that flood mainstream television.

2020 has changed the world paradigm.

Also in the consumption of content, which skyrocketed in confinement.

So now

Netflix wants you to meditate


The psychological, social and neuroscientific effects of Covid-19 are being explored in different parts of the world.

And the conclusion is that "there is an urgent need for research to address

how the consequences for mental health can be mitigated

in pandemic conditions," says a report from The Lancet.


Mental health services are being disrupted

by Covid-19 in most countries, "according to a WHO study. Hence, content platforms advocate for

new formats focused on improving health

, and not just physical. Can meditation be a solution to the problem?


knowledge is more universal

than ever.

"Platforms that previously offered static content or limited programming

are now sources of



based on the needs of each individual. Meditation and its benefits have been studied in recent decades from medicine, biology, psychology and neuroscience putting on the table the importance of



in people's mental health and well-being in the face of a hyper-




society ", explains Antonio Gallego,



and collaborator of Petit BamBou, one of the

leading meditation


in Spain .

The way to reach the population has to adapt to social conditions and their lifestyles, which is why

meditation is being increasingly

accessible from any of the media that are used daily:




, television,


, videoconferencing ... "It is important to facilitate that first contact and, from there, depending on the experience of each user, they will decide which is the platform that best

suits their lifestyle and learning


A Guide to Coping with Stress

The groundbreaking new

Headspace Guide

offers a lively, upbeat insight into the benefits of


, accompanied by techniques and guided sessions to get started right away.

Basically it is about turning on the TV and stopping but not to entertain yourself, but to breathe and concentrate on your surroundings with the voice of

Andy Puddicombe

(Bristol, UK, 23 September 1972), a public speaker and meditation teacher and mindfulness who traveled to the Himalayas to become a Buddhist after the loss of a loved one.

"When was the last time you did nothing? And by nothing

I mean really nothing

. In this series I am going to guide you to explore the mind and discover how meditation can benefit your life. In each chapter you will I will teach

a new technique and I will explain how you can use it

in specific life situations ", explains the trailer that presents this space dedicated to practice, and not to talk about it.

What is 'Headspace'?

This newly released first season consists of eight chapters of just 25 minutes.

In them, one advances

from a basic meditation to the development of more specific techniques

, such as visualization: a method to release ballast and leave anger behind, or the always recurring infatuation, where gratitude is reflected on.

Other topics that the sessions touch on are

pain management or how to be kinder and let your enormous potential flow


And, of course, one of the chapters is devoted entirely to

stress, the disease of the 21st century that can lead

to other diseases.


meditation is one of


2021 resolutions

, with this documentary you don't need to be an expert.

In addition, the Buddhist monk breaks some myths in this color palette with a guided voice, since it is not necessary to meditate alone (it can be done in company) to the position adopted.

It also doesn't matter if the eyes are open or closed, as it is all about

focusing attention in the present moment

and being more aware.

"You can take it back to your normal life, at any time," clarifies Puddicombe, who encourages you to disconnect the phone in times of stress and breathe.


, founded in 2010, is now a

world leading platform for meditation and mindfulness

through its


, with more than 65 million users in 190 countries.

Why view this content?

Netflix has cataloged this "non-series" in documentaries, which is already rising like foam in trends and is

the first program to experience meditation

that can be seen on television thanks to an




on demand and in



"Any option that people (and children) can

discover meditation is a great option as

long as it is endorsed by experts in the field, in a structured and organized way, with a genuine intention of helping the well-being of users and leaving of course the limitations to take into account: personal status, support from a specialist, it is not a magic wand ... ", says Gallego, who asks for greater support from institutions so that

meditation can be taught extensively in


schools, hospitals, organizations, groups and public administrations


"Including our politicians, since meditating improves empathy and understanding," adds the expert.

2020 and the beginning of the new year is not being easy.

In a study carried out by Petit BamBou and Yougov (an international market research firm),

76% of the Spanish population has suffered stress or anxiety

, a percentage that rises to 85% between the range 18-44 this 2020. " It has been shown that


, in addition to being necessary, is effective and provides mental health benefits if practiced daily. According to this same study, 30% of people surveyed meditate or have meditated in the last year, and more than half started during confinement.

70% affirm that it has helped them reduce stress and manage emotions,

"concludes Gallego.

Will have to prove it.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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