A man copied another's whole novel and submitted it to a literary contest and received five literary awards and prize money last year.

This fact was announced later, and the original author announced that he would take legal action.

This is reporter Minjung Kim.

<Reporter> This

is the winning work for a short novel from the Literary Awards Contest organized by Pocheon City last year.

However, this short story titled <The Roots> which Mo Son conspired, and the short story of Min-Jung Kim, a college student who won the Literary Awards hosted by a university academic journal two years ago, is the same as a panbak.

The only other one, the hospital name that was not in the original was changed to Pocheon Hospital.

With this novel that was copied entirely from other people's writings, Son's literary awards last year were 5 awards including the Pocheon City Literature Awards, with a prize of 5 million won.

When this fact was announced online, the original author took legal action, and the organizer announced that it would cancel the award for Mr. Son and collect the prize money.

[Literary supervisory group official: Although we do it ourselves in filtering, the database does not exist and the limitations are exposed.

We also have no faces.]

Son explained in a phone call with SBS,

[Shipping short novels


Mo Son: I didn't have a greedy in literature.

Personally, I also needed some prize money.

It's my fault, in conclusion.]

For allegations of plagiarism raised in a number of other contest winners posted on personal social media, he only said "I'll call it later."

[Park Chul-Hwa/Literature Critic: There is an organization like the Korea Creative Content Agency.

If the (local government) award-winning works are gathered there and the whole people can enjoy and watch them, I would like to have a more cautious attitude.]

Various local government-sponsored literary awards contests are used as an easy way to promote the region


With the recent increase in rush, measures are urgently needed to prevent some deviations from stealing and weaving to win prizes.

(Video coverage: Lee Seung-hwan · Choi Choi-woong, video editing: Kim Jong-woo)