At the moment, there is no explanation but there are many videos.

It was 1.10 am this Monday when neighbors from Galicia, El Bierzo and Portugal could see through the window a strong light that crossed the sky and hear a loud roar.

There were several calls to 112 that reported the fall of a possible meteorite.

Although an official explanation has not yet been given about what has happened, there are numerous photographs and videos disseminated through social networks by residents of Galicia and Ponferrada.

In the images, it is actually observed how a very luminous ball of light falls from the sky.

Several users were even able to feel an earth shaking that lasted for around two minutes.

The clearest images have been captured by a neighbor in the Galician town of

O Morrazo

, with a camera that records through his window 24 hours a day.


Meteo Spifly


have also

attested to

the passage of that glow that many consider a meteorite, although that extreme is yet to be confirmed.

The noise was such that some neighbors, as they have explained to Efe, went out alerted to the street thinking that it was an explosion that they did not locate.

The regional emergency service 112 has reported through a tweet that between 1.36 and 1.42 hours they have received several notices from Camponaraya and Ponferrada, in León, and from Palacios de Goda, in Ávila, reporting a flash and a subsequent explosion, which could be a meteorite.

Last April a burning object was glimpsed falling towards the sea in Galicia.

It turned out to be a Soyuz rocket launched at the International Space Station, which was then over Portugal, reports the

Vigo Lighthouse


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