There are about 1,000 prank calls to 119 a year.

These jokes can lead to the loss of valuable time to save someone, and fines for such false reports may increase in the future, and up to 5 million won may be imposed.

Reporter Lee Ho-gun reports.

<Reporter> The

fire department's situation room receives thousands of calls every day.

There are also a lot of strange calls.

[Prank 119 report phone: (Yes, it is 119.) Yes.

I'll eat some biscuits, biscuits, biscuits, and biscuits.]

Sometimes, after receiving a joke phone call, you are dispatched to the emergency rescue site.

[Hong Chan-pyo/Seoul Gangseo Fire Station Firefighter: Because of a false report, it was almost late.

If it is a little later, we cannot guarantee the life of the requestor...


More than 5,100 cases of prank calls and false reports received over the past 5 years.

The Fire Department decided to more than double the penalty by revising the enforcement ordinance of the Basic Fire Protection Act.

For the first false report, you can get 2 million won, 4 million won for the second, and 5 million won for the third.

[Prank 119 report phone: This is the Fire Center.


This simple prank call can be


[False 119 Report Phone: ((Do you know who's the house, do you open the door?) I'm a younger brother, open it! It could be murder!]

This serious false report is immediately subject to sanctions. .

[hongchanpyo / Seoul Gangseo Fire Department firemen: I who injira so mad bout me one complainant minutes a false report is not chuseureuneun piece of mind to think hwimalrimyeon such feelings]

. the new penalty provisions are effective from coming 21 days

(video interview : Hong Jong-soo, Video editing: Kim Jong-tae)