▲ SBS report video reported on December 30, 2020

In Pohang, the dog hung on a leash and turned around in the air as if playing ratchet, eventually returned to the owner's hand.

On the 28th of last month, around 11 pm, Gyeonju A was caught turning his dog's collar three times in the air while walking with his friend B, near a villa in Duho-dong, Buk-gu, Pohang City, and was arrested for violating the Animal Protection Act.

They confessed in a police investigation that "the dog was cute, so I made it fun for no other reason," but the abuse video was quickly shared online and was reproved.

Netizens' anger seemed to diminish at the news that the investigation was going on, but the animal rights group'Catch Dog' recently delivered an unexpected situation.

It means that the dog has returned to the owner's hand.

According to Catchdog, on the 8th of this month, the official in charge of Pohang City Hall implemented emergency quarantine measures to separate the dog from the owner.

Afterwards, the Catchdog side questioned the opinion Gyunju submitted to the police station and requested a basic kit test, a full X-ray test, and a blood test from Pohang City Hall. Fortunately, it was confirmed that there were no abnormal findings in the dog.

In addition, the official in charge of the city hall tried to induce a renunciation of ownership of the dog and pass on the contact information for the catch dog, but failed to contact Gongju.

Eventually, on January 13th, Gyeonju paid the cost of testing and protection and took the puppy.

▲ Photographed by the National Law Information Center

Pohang City Hall said that quarantine measures can be taken, but unless the dog owner gives up ownership of the dog, it has no choice but to return it if the protection fee is paid.

In fact, according to the current animal protection laws, animals are considered private property, so even if the dog is quarantined for abuse, it must be returned if the dog owner requests it.

Of course, the city hall decided to have the dog owner fill out a pledge to fulfill their obligations and to check and monitor it every week, but as the news became known, there were voices saying, "I am concerned that the dog will be safe."

The law restricting ownership of animal abusers has not exceeded the threshold of the National Assembly for several years, and attention is being focused on whether the relevant law can be revised or will pass again.

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(Photo ='Catch Dog' Facebook)