▲ Cheong Wa Dae's petition for punishment for Deep Voice 

The so-called'Deep Voice', which distributes and sells fake videos that synthesized popular idol voices with obscene videos is on the rise.

Deep Voice is a speech synthesis technology using artificial intelligence that is similar to deep fakes that synthesize celebrity faces with pornography.

While Deep Fake was mainly victims of female popular idols, Deep Voice was mainly targeted by male idols, the Korea Sex Crimes Innocent Consultation Center reported.

On the 14th, on the Blue House National Petition Board, a petition to punish the crime of producing and distributing pornography using the voice of an idol was uploaded, and more than 33,000 people have already agreed.

Although it is difficult to find cases that have been punished in Korea for cases of deep voice abuse that have appeared recently, the opinion that punishment is possible under the Special Act on Sex Crimes is predominant in the legal community.

The Korean Sex Crimes Innocent Center said that not only popular idols but also ordinary people suffered damage from Deep Voices in which their voices were synthesized in obscene videos, and even these deep voice composites were produced and sold.

(Photo = Blue House National Petition website capture, Yonhap News)