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number of new corona 19 confirmed cases has remained at 500 units for six days.

From tomorrow (18th), quarantine measures in some industries have been somewhat eased, so you can drink beverages in cafes, and gyms and singing practice centers will be reopened.

Reporter Jeong Seong-jin on the report.

<Reporter> The number of

new corona19 confirmed cases increased by 520 a day yesterday.

Excluding 20 people from overseas, 500 people are domestic.

Gyeonggi-do increased the most to 173, and 70% of new patients were confirmed only in the metropolitan area, including 142 in Seoul.

The number of new coronavirus patients in Korea has recorded 500 units for six days, and is showing a stable trend compared to the 1,000 units in the midst of the third pandemic.

However, it is too early to be relieved as sporadic infections continue to be linked to nursing homes and religious facilities.

In relation to the BTJ World Center in Sangju, Gyeongsangbuk-do, the number of confirmed cases increased to at least 760, with the number of confirmed cases increasing by 6 in Ulsan alone, and the number of cases related to the sauna in Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul and the US military base in Yongsan also increased to 10.

The number of deaths increased by 13 yesterday, and 1,249 people died from Corona 19 in total.

In addition to the two-week extension of the current distance-distance phase in the 2.5th phase of the metropolitan area and the second phase of the non-metropolitan area, the standard for mitigating quarantine measures for some industries will be applied from tomorrow.

The cafe, which was only available for delivery and take-out, will be able to eat and drink in the store from tomorrow, and indoor sports facilities such as gyms, singing practice centers, and academies, where business was prohibited, can be opened on the condition that the number of people is limited to one per 8 square meters. There is.

The ban on private gatherings of more than 5 people remains.