Q. Norway and Germany Elderly people died after vaccination?

[Cho Dong-chan, medical reporter: Let's see what the Norway and German quarantine authorities, who have the most information, think.

The Norwegian government announced "I wasn't surprised and I wasn't worried", while the German government announced that "there seems to be little vaccine relevance."

In Norway, an average of 400 people die each week in elderly care facilities, so there is a possibility that vaccinations and deaths may have overlapped by accident.

However, I asked you to be cautious about vaccination to the vulnerable elderly suffering from chronic diseases.]

Q. Please be careful about vaccination to the weak elderly, what does it mean?

[Cho Dong-chan, medical reporter: When you suffer from food poisoning, you may have a light fever and diarrhea, but a debilitating person could die from these symptoms.

The Norwegian government estimates that.

13 out of 29 deaths were being investigated, most of them had symptoms of fever, vomiting, and diarrhea, which could have been fatal to the vulnerable elderly.

Fever, vomiting, and diarrhea are minor side effects of the vaccine, but debilitating elderly people may be at risk.]

Q. What is the diagnosis by domestic experts?

[Cho Dong-chan, medical reporter: The most dangerous side effect of the vaccine is anaphylaxis, that is, an acute allergic reaction. It is a shock reaction that causes people to run out of breath and lose consciousness within 30 minutes of being injected, but the Norwegian deaths do not believe this is related. This is because such acute shock reactions are common in healthy people under the age of 60 and very rare in elderly people with low immunity. In particular, I am advised Let jeopjongja tens of times more in the United States and Britain because there is not yet confirmed a causal relationship with the deceased watched calmly the survey than in Norway.]

Q. Next month national vaccination is? Pitfalls

[Medical reporter Jo Dong-chan: It is very rare, but acute shock can occur within 30 minutes, so it would be necessary to stay in the hospital for up to 30 minutes after the injection. We should look at the results of the Norwegian investigation to see if there are additional measures for the elderly. Above all, as side effects are interpreted excessively, it seems important to avoid further damage while avoiding the vaccine.]