The #BussItChallenge is the hot new challenge on social media.


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This is the new challenge in vogue on social networks.

If you're using TikTok, you couldn't miss the #BussItChallenge.

Launched in the United States, this challenge, which quickly became popular in Europe, and in France, now has more than 400 million views on the Chinese platform owned by ByteDance.

The challenge is to post on TikTok a video in which the participants - mostly young girls - first film themselves dancing very wisely in sweatpants or pajamas on the song 

Hot In Herre

 by rapper Nelly.

Then we see them suddenly change their outfit to indulge in a very sexy twerking session on the song 

Buss It

 by Erica Banks.

Here's my #BussItChallenge 🌚

- Alexa play “BMF by Rick Ross” (@meechferguson) January 10, 2021

A "celebration" of the body

It was a young woman named Erika Davila who was one of the first to take up the challenge.

In her video shared on January 1, we see her swaying on the title 

Buss It

released in 2020. She then urges her subscribers to create their own videos.

"Someone has to find a transition", she explains in caption, thus officially launching the challenge to Internet users.

The challenge very quickly went viral, it was even taken up by stars of the platform such as Rico Nasty, Monica, DaniLeigh or even the influencer Jackie Aina.

This challenge, like many others on TikTok, is above all a “celebration” of the body, and a way for young women to “assume their forms”, they explain.

With very elaborate staging, the #BussItChallenge also gives pride of place to creativity, one of the notions most highlighted on the Chinese platform owned by ByteDance.

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