The police who pursued the whereabouts of 14.5 billion won, which were stored in the VIP safe of the landing casino in Jeju Shinhwa World and disappeared, are tracking another two accomplices who participated in the crime.

The Jeju Police Agency is investigating the case's main suspect, A (55), an executive in charge of financial management of Malaysian citizenship. Revealed.

According to the police, Mr. B is currently leaving the country, but Mr. C is staying in Korea, and not all of them are employees of the landing casino.

The police found 8.15 billion won in the VIP vault inside the landing casino, which may be part of the 14.46 billion won that disappeared earlier this month.

At the same time, the police found more than 4 billion won in cash in other places in Jeju City where Mr. A stayed, and is confirming whether the safe and 12 billion won of money found in these places were part of the lost money.

A police official said, "All the money I found was wrapped in a 50,000 won priesthood," he said. "Along with this, we are investigating with the possibility of having another accomplice besides these three."

According to police investigations, it was revealed that Mr. A took the money from the safe by following a set procedure.

The VIP vault where 14.5 billion won was stored was in the name of Mr. A.

It is known that Mr. A kept the funds of Hong Kong Landing International, the parent company of Ramjeong Entertainment, which operates a landing casino, in a safe in his name.

According to the safe management regulations, Mr. A accompanied the employee who kept the casino keys and took the money from the safe.

In addition, the police believe that 8.16 billion won, which is estimated to be part of the lost money, was transferred to a safe in the name of a VIP customer other than Mr. A according to the procedure.

Mr. A takes the money that was stored in his safe and delivers it to Mr. B and Mr. C, and Mr. B and C put it in the VIP safe in the landing casino they manage.

However, he said that Mr. B and Mr. C cannot confirm whether they are the owners of the VIP vault where the money was stored or the simple manager of the VIP vault.

Earlier, on the 4th, Ramjeong Entertainment confirmed that the 14.56 billion won in Hanwha cash stored at the casino had disappeared and sued the police for embezzlement of Mr. A.

Mr. A has not been contacted since he left last year's holiday at the end of the year, so the police believe Mr. A has left Korea.

On the 5th, Landing International announced on the website's internal information, "On January 4th, we found that 14.5 billion won of funds was lost, and we are looking for an employee in charge of funding, but we are not able to reach you."

Ramjeong Entertainment explained that the disappeared money was not a landing casino operating fund, but a landing international fund, which was the headquarters, and did not have a significant impact on the casino operation right away, but it did not disclose the exact source of the fund.

(Photo = Yonhap News)