Then, I will talk a little more with reporter Min-jung Kim, who watched the trial in court today (13th).

Q. As you just saw, there were quite a lot of angry voices outside the court, but how was the atmosphere in the court today?

[Reporter Min-Jung Kim: Today's trial was so much interest that, in addition to the main court, two more relay courts were operated.

The court where the trial was held was filled with reporters and audiences.

Originally, the prosecution's investigation team couldn't come in because there was no room to sit while listening to the trial.

Ahn, her stepfather, who is in a state of disability, is said to have entered the building and waited before court office hours began, avoiding reporters and citizens.

Originally, the court prepared personal protection for Mr. Ahn from 10 am.

It was said that it was too early for the court to expect.

Ahn, dressed in a jumper, came into the courtroom with a backpack and did not look at the auditorium, but kept looking down at the desk.

As the trial start time approached, I was seen crying, but I also stole my eyes while crying enough to shake my shoulders.

As his wife, Jang, was under arrest, he wore a green shroud and entered the courtroom through the defendant's waiting room.

When I came in, I didn't pay attention to Chung Cheong-seok and her husband Ahn.

I kept dropping my head and bowing my head.

At the end of the trial, there was a case where an audience screamed, "Save Jung In-i," and then retired.

In today's trial, only the process of changing the complaint and applying for witnesses was in progress, so they did not have time to speak.

However, after the trial, the

prosecution has

revealed the position of denying most of the major charges through a lawyer.]

Q. The prosecution added murder charges, but as I just said, all charges are now denied from there. If so, how will the trial proceed in the future? ?

[Reporter Min-Jung Kim: As you saw in the previous report, it seems that the prosecution's prosecution's proof of the intentionality of the murder will be an issue for future trials.

Since there is no direct evidence showing what happened inside the house on the day of his death, an expert who explained Jungin's fatal injuries inside and outside his body, and a neighbor who said he heard a'thump' on the day of his death were called as witnesses to prove the charges. I'll pay, this is the prosecution's plan

The next trial is scheduled for February 17th.]

(Video editing: Hwang Ji-young)