Smart bird feeder raises over 3 million on Kickstarter -


The Kickstarter crowdfunding platform sees the birth of many diverse and varied projects.

In addition to high-tech protective masks, video and board games, more atypical projects can also be offered.

This is particularly the case with the Bird Buddy, a smart bird feeder.

The latter offers to take photos of visitors with a pen thanks to its smart camera.

The feeder indeed integrates a high definition weatherproof camera, as well as a microphone and an AI specializing in ornithology.

A mobile application allows you to be kept informed of visits, but also of the type of bird that lands on the feeder.

Several accessories will also be offered, including solar panels to recharge the camera battery.

The project launched by the Slovenian company Bird Buddy was a huge success from the launch of the Kickstarter campaign.

The initial target of 50,000 euros was reached in just 20 minutes.

The prize pool exceeded half a million dollars in just over 24 hours.

Astonishing success

At the time of this writing, the Bird Buddy campaign has surpassed $ 3.5 million and the prize pool continues to climb.

A surprising success for a connected gadget intended for ornithology enthusiasts.

More than 19,000 internet users took part in the campaign.

Although the campaign ends in just a few days, development of the Bird Buddy is not fully finished.

The project still has to go through several stages, before the manger can be sent to investors.

The first deliveries are still scheduled for September 2021. Apart from the Kickstarter campaign, it will take over 169 euros to afford a Bird Buddy.

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