• REALITY: The documentary genre is experiencing a sweet moment thanks to the commitment of the major platforms, either producing new works or recovering their most acclaimed classics.

The documentary genre has

the power to subjugate

in a way that can accompany the stunned viewer for several days.

Also to move the hardest viewer to tears, or to open up new fields of study and interest.

With the definitive settlement of



and the echo that still resounds from the success of the Oscar-winning

Searching for Sugar Man

, the ill-fated

Malik Bendjelloul

, or the multi-award-winning

The Act of Killing


Joshua Oppenheimer

, has exponentially expanded its audience range and its theme.

Here is a varied selection of what we can find today (many productions jump from one platform to another) at the click of a button.

The social media dilemma (Netflix)

"I want people to know that everything you do on the internet is seen and tracked."

"Because of the networks there is a more anxious, more depressed generation


Yes, if you've heard of a documentary that leaves parents sleepless, this is it, from which we've taken two of his many chilling quotes.


Jeff Orlowski

manages to bring together the masters of technology to tell themselves how their creations are eroding imposed social norms, and not for the better.

The truth, human relations and democracy are increasingly threatened by artificial intelligence and, although it seems that adults know how to

control it

(you just have to go through any Facebook group to verify the wrongness of this belief), what remains beyond all doubt, the effect on the very young can be devastating.

Your message is clearly terrifying, so we are not responsible if at the end of it a reader decides to leave any of their social networks.

Or all of them.

Grizzly Man (Amazon Prime Video)

More than one movie fan gets chills when the youngest of the place recognize

Wener Herzog

solely for being the villain of the first season of

The Mandalorian

, that perfidious high-ranking official of the Empire who wants to catch Grogu-Baby Yoda.

But before settling down in front of the spotlights, the director of

Aguirre, the wrath of God


Nosferatu the vampire



directed a powerful documentary (although he does not like to differentiate them from his works of fiction, since he says he seeks "the truth" in all his works) focused on the life of environmentalist

Timothy Treadwell


For thirteen summers, Treadwell, who also worked as a waiter and actor,

went to the Katmai National Park (Alaska) to record the lives of grizzly bears

, with whom he claimed to have a special relationship.

Herzog takes advantage of his more than 100 hours of videographic material to elaborate a work in which the unfortunate end of the ecologist and his girlfriend is especially startling.

Shoa (Filmin)

French director

Claude Lanzmann's

magnum opus

continues to shock in the same way it did on its premiere 35 years ago.

At that time, only a filmmaker with Lanzmann's arrogance and recklessness was able to embark on a 10-hour documentary long before multi-episode documentary series became fashionable.

The ability of human beings to do evil, to exterminate their fellow human beings, is defined in this portrait of the Holocaust without concessions.

Executioners, victims and accomplices are portrayed in a way that represented a revolution when it came to addressing the Jewish genocide by the Nazis.

"That was a perfect crime," said the French filmmaker at the end of the documentary.


For the first time, death became an industry

; an industry that burned traces. There were no traces left."

For this reason he dedicated years to what would be the production for which he would be remembered: "

The future is too bleak to allow himself the luxury of forgetting

", he concluded.

Nobody speaks (Netflix)

At its start, it seems to be a documentary dedicated to the trial between

Hulk Hogan

and the Gawker Media conglomerate following the publication of a sex video starring the veteran wrestling star, but the main objective of its director and screenwriter,

Brian Knappenberger

, it is another: pointing out the danger posed to the free press by the power of billionaires.


Peter Thiel

, co-founder of Paypal, to the recently deceased

Sheldon Adelson

, not to mention

Donald Trump

, this absorbing production also reflects on the controversial type of journalism developed by

Nick Denton

, owner of Gwaker or, at the other extreme, the

Las Vegas



and its long-suffering workers, devoted to the truth even if it costs them their dismissal.

The Pioneer (HBO)

Son of a ruined family, entrepreneur with a whorehouse as a base of operations, builder jailed and pardoned by Franco, president of Atlético de Madrid, mayor of Marbella, television star, owner of Imperioso ... The multifaceted figure of Jesús Gil is approached in this ambitious HBO Europe production that traces his life through his closest circle (sons, brothers ...) but also his most bitter enemies.

Enric Bach


Justin Webster

(creators of another prestigious documentary series,

Muerte en León

, which analyzes the murder of

Isabel Carrasco

, president of the León Provincial Council).

"His figure serves as a portrait of an era in a country like Spain, which has a lot to do with today's world. It talks about us as a society and about political phenomena that we see as new and not so new," summarizes Bach.

The toys that made us (Netflix)

It could be summarized as the

Stranger Things

of Netflix documentaries, but the truth is that this

nostalgic proposal


Reed Hastings' company

goes much further.

The toys most missed by those who were children in the 80s give rise to a dynamic documentary series that ends up embracing different genres thanks to its thematic variety.

No episode is similar to the other, in the same way that playing with Barbies was not the same as with Lego, Ninja Turtles, Hello Kitty or My little Pony.

The great success of this production is that, far from being anchored in the past, it updates the perspective of each toy, interviewing its creators (or descendants) and analyzing the power of its legacy, branching out on multiple fronts today.

All this watered with a lot of humor, a glue that unites entertainment with disclosure and transcendence.

616 (Disney +)

This documentary series

traces the cultural, historical and social impact of Marvel comics

(the 616 of the title refers to Earth-616, where the main continuity of its superhero universe takes place) through its lesser-known points, such as the version Japanese Spiderman completely removed from the character and that scared the American executives (and survived thanks to the support of

Stan Lee himself

) or the influence of women like

Marie Severin


Flo Steinberg


Ann Nocenti

in The House of Ideas.

But the series goes further, recovering some of its most forgotten characters from the hand of humorist

Paul Scheer

or reviewing the careers of two Spanish artists,

Javier Garrón


Natacha Bustos


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