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first trial on'Jung Ini Case' started today (13th) morning and ended just before.

The prosecution, who originally applied the'child abuse and lethal crime' to both mothers and handed it over to trial, added the crime of murder today.

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Reporter Kim Sang-min, how was the atmosphere in the courtroom?


Yes, the first trial against Jung In-i's adoptive parents, which started at 10:30, ended around 11:25, about an hour later.

However, about 30 citizens surrounded the defendant's side and cried out, preventing them from leaving, and only about 30 minutes before 11:45, the defendant quickly exited the court.

Citizens, YouTubers, and reporters surrounded the car and knocked on the door.

From the morning around the court today, many reporters and citizens have been waiting for the unconstrained father and adoptive parent lawyers.

Some citizens also protested with a picket urged by Jung-in to punish her adoptive parents.

As expected, it was confirmed that the defendant had already entered the building before court work began.

The father, who was only looking at the desk in the courtroom, looked like he stole tears.

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end, the crime of murder was applied, right?


Yes, the prosecution, who charged her mother with abusive and fatal charges, filed a revised indictment in today's trial with the addition of'homicide'.

Recognizing that applying strong force to the abdomen would cause her daughter to'death,' she strongly shakes her arms and dislocates her weakened arms because she does not eat, knocks them down and steps on them to death.

Looking at the results of the re-evaluation of three forensic experts, it seems that the pancreatic amputated injury must have been deliberately premised.

In addition, the prosecution said that the result of the analysis of the results of the integrated hearing on the defendant was comprehensively reviewed.

'Child abuse mortality' has been left as a preliminary prosecution in case it is difficult to prove the murder.

The lawyer said that because he denied the crime of abusive and fatality, he also denied the crime of murder, and said his mother did not knowingly resulted in death.