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People who own bitcoins are reportedly having difficulty accessing their account because they cannot remember their password.

Some of the sums owned would exceed several million dollars, but their acquirers - who often invested in the cryptocurrency before it took off on the stock market - can no longer consult their account online, reports the

New York Times


The problem is significant since only a holder can have access to it with his identification key, since it is not kept on any platform.

For some of them, it is therefore impossible to recover their due, specifies the American daily.

20% of Bitcoins would be inaccessible

An investor is currently experiencing this misadventure since he would have nearly 220 million dollars (or about 180 million euros) in bitcoin equivalent.


New York Times

details that he has already tried eight times - out of a total of ten - to identify himself ... in vain.

Nearly 140 billion dollars (approximately 115 billion euros) in virtual currency are currently held by individuals in lost or blocked accounts.

This amount represents a loss of 20% of the existing 18.5 million bitcoins.


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