In February of last year, the number of corona19 confirmed in Daegu and Gyeongbuk area increased significantly.

There were more than 5,000 confirmed cases centered on Shincheonji Church.

When accusations were poured out for putting the entire country into a crisis because of not following the quarantine rules well, General Chairman Lee Man-hee of Shincheonji held a press conference and apologized to the people and the government.

In the investigation, the prosecution arrested President Lee Man-hee and handed it over to trial. Today (13th), the first trial court was acquitted of the charges of interfering with quarantine activities.

For more details, this is reporter Choi Choi.


In February of last year, when Corona 19 from Shincheonji spread out of control, the quarantine authorities requested Shincheonji's facility status and a list of members for an epidemiological investigation.

Although some data were submitted, the number of confirmed cases continued to increase, and the National Shincheonji Victims and Natural Services University accused General Chairman Lee Man-hee and others for not cooperating with the quarantine.

The prosecution believed that Shincheonji had interfered with the epidemiological investigation by the quarantine authorities.

However, the court sentenced him not guilty of violating the Infectious Disease Prevention Act.

The judiciary decided that the request for the status of facilities and the submission of a list of members was only a preparatory stage for an epidemiological investigation.

For the purpose of tracking the source of infection, it is not included in the category of epidemiological investigations that identify the patient's personal information, the date of onset, and the cause of the infection, so there is no suspicion of obstructing quarantine.

However, President Lee Man-hee's alleged embezzlement was convicted and sentenced to three years in prison and four years probation.

It is said that about 5.7 billion won was spent in Shincheonji, such as building a building for the purpose of residence of President Lee.

[Singangsik / National Xintiandi Victim Solidarity representative: more bar offering requesting haejusigi reap the frame of religious appeals to be punished by the investigation to recognize that fraud crime earnestly]

Some religious ruling does not cooperate with the Defense Activity Amid growing concerns that an indulgence could be given to the prosecution, the prosecution said it would review the judgment and decide whether to appeal.

(Video coverage: Kim Myung-gu, video editing: Yu Mira, CG: Kang Kyung-rim)