8.1 billion won was found in the landing casino vault in Jeju Shinhwa World, and the police are verifying the source of the money.

The Jeju Provincial Police Agency announced today (13th) that it recently discovered 8.15 billion won in casino vaults in the process of investigating the case where 14.5 billion won disappeared from the landing casino.

Police said they found billions of dollars in cash at the place where Mr. A (55), a Malaysian money management officer, who was the embezzlement suspect, was staying, and they are confirming that the money is part of the 14.46 billion lost.

The police said, "We are chasing the whereabouts of the cash disappeared and the behavior of Mr. A through the statement of the person concerned and the confirmation of the closed circuit (CC) TV." I said.

Previously, Ramjeong Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as Ramjeong), which operates a landing casino, confirmed that the 14.5 billion won of Hanwha's cash stored in the casino had disappeared on the 4th, and sued the police for embezzlement of Mr. A.

Mr. A has lost contact with him since last year's holiday vacation.

The police believed Mr. A had left the country and requested Interpol to assist with the investigation.

Landing International, Hong Kong, the parent company of Ramjung Entertainment, announced on the inside information of the website on the 5th, "I found that on January 4th, 14.56 billion won of funds were lost, and I was looking for an employee in charge of funding, but I could not reach you."

Ramjeong Entertainment explained that the lost money was not the money for the operation of the landing casino, but the funds for the headquarters, Landing International, which had no significant impact on the casino operation right now, but it did not disclose the exact source of the fund.

(Photo = Yonhap News)