A large crowd gathered from early in the morning before the Seoul Southern District Law on the 13th, when the first trial of adoptive parents accused of abusing and killing her 16-month-old adopted daughter Jung In.

The 13th Criminal Division of the Seoul Southern District Court (Director Judge Shin Hyeok-jae) is holding the first trial of Mr. Yang-mo's mother-in-law, who was convicted of child abuse and fatality.

Ahn Mo, her adoptive father, who was sentenced to imprisonment on charges of violating the Child Welfare Act (child abuse), is also tried.

In front of the Seoul Southern District Law, dozens of Geunjo Wreaths with memorial phrases such as "I'm sorry, I love you" and "I want to see you and love Jungin" are lined up.

Reporters, YouTubers, civic groups, and dozens of police gathered from early in the morning, and pedestrians suffered inconvenience because there was no time to step on the sidewalk in front of the court.

Citizens gathered at the Korea Child Abuse Prevention Association and others held a picket demonstration in front of the front gate of the court in front of the court, urging Jung In to strict punishment of his adoptive parents.

Participants in the protests wore white masks that read'death penalty' in red letters, and listened to pickets with phrases such as "We are mom and dad" and "Murder crimes, death penalty".

At around 9:30 am, when a convoy, estimated to have carried Jung In-yi's foster father, entered the Seoul Southern District Law, the protesters cried out and cried several times, saying, "Put the murderer to death."

As the protests increased, the police advised the protesters to disband, saying, "We warn that we are conducting an unreported rally. You may be punished for violating the law on the prevention of infectious diseases."

The protesters protested, saying, "The Yangcheon Police Station's detention center is small and it will not be able to capture us anyway with Corona 19."

In front of the court entrance, dozens of media cameras and reporters waited from dawn to cover Jung In-i's adoptive parents, but it was belatedly known that Mr. Yang's wife, Ahn, entered the court with a lawyer.

The Seoul Southern District Law announced to the reporters that "Ahn, the defendant, has entered the building with his attorney before the start of business hours," and that "the defendant is being protected from 10 o'clock."

(Photo = Yonhap News)