Among nursing hospitals with a large number of confirmed cases recently, not a few places lack medical staff.

However, even if you ask the authorities to support medical personnel, complaints are spreading everywhere that the hospital does not help well and even carries quarantine supplies.

KNN reporter Minwook Kim covered it.

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is a nursing hospital in Busan that entered cohort quarantine due to more than 60 confirmed cases.

Because of the group infection, 20 employees were self-quarantined, and 21 people, including nurses and caregivers, quit their jobs.

The hospital, which lacks human resources to take care of patients, requested the quarantine authorities to recruit medical personnel.

However, only the answer to ask for it was returned.

[Busan ○○ Nursing Hospital Nurse: It is said that money comes from the country after being obtained from a hospital, but most of them are reluctant to say that there is coronavirus?

Therefore, the manpower is not being provided at all.] The

situation is the same in another nursing hospital with 20 confirmed cases.

Due to the lack of medical and nursing staff, 16 people were applied to the city, but none of them were filled.

It was all that the hospital itself saved one caregiver after inquiry.

When a group infection occurred in October of last year, this nursing hospital received 8 manpower support from the Central Accident Control Center, but this time, not a single person was supported.

The cost of purchasing quarantine supplies is also a huge burden.

Medical plastic gowns, hand sanitizers, etc. are used very much and cost over 20 million won a month.

[Care hospital officials: often the same to wear, the AP (Medical Vinyl) As you wore a gown on day 1 people several times doegeodeunyo the 5000 Six used one thousand a week -

hospital side the administrative authorities for the prevention of infection They say that they need active support as much as they ordered to contain the cohort.

In response, Busan City also requested manpower from the government, but it was explained that it took too much time.

In addition, he drew a line that the hospital is responsible for supplying supplies, although it is providing supplies.

(Video coverage: Ha Ho-young KNN)