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first trial of a mother who is accused of killing Jeong-in for several months by habitual abuse for several months and the father who assisted him begins a moment later.

Connect with reporters in the Southern District of Seoul.

Reporter Kim Sang-min, less than 20 minutes remain until the trial begins?


Yes, after a while, at 10:30, the first trial against Jung In-i's adoptive parents will be held here in the Southern District Court.

Currently, in front of the court gate, members of the Korea Child Abuse Prevention Association are holding a rally to condemn the accused, and there is a very crowded atmosphere with many reporters and police crowds in the building. Everyone waited for the lawyers of unconstrained fathers and adoptive parents, but a little while ago the court I explained that my father had already been in the court before starting work.

As this incident caused social resentment, there have been concerns that violence might happen.

At the request of the court, there are currently a total of 300 people working here, and the lawyers and father are also expected to receive personal protection.

In consideration of the social interest in this trial, the Seoul Southern District Act has established two relay courts in addition to the courts seen here for the first time since its opening, and the competition rate was close to 16:1, with more than 800 people applying for the trial lottery.

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was also interested in whether the prosecution would apply the crime of murder.


Yes, the prosecution who initially applied the crime of abuse and fatality to his mother and handed it over to trial has recently been reviewed internally for the application of the homicide, such as receiving the result of a re-evaluation of the cause of death from a forensic expert. The same.

Earlier, the pediatrics and adolescents and the medical association issued an opinion to the prosecution that Jung In-i had been inflicted with a car accident-level shock and that the crime of murder should be applied to the prosecution. There is also an opinion that it is not easy to apply the crime of murder.

Therefore, it is possible to change the complaint for murder and leave the charges of child abuse and lethality as a preliminary indictment.