Many people are saddened by the story of a young man who has lost his job due to Corona 19 and has been struggling to come to the police box and ask for help.

On the 11th, a video titled "Late night, what's the story of a young man who visited a police box?" was released on the YouTube channel of the Korean Police Agency.

According to the video, a strong young man entered a police box in Okcheon, Chungbuk on a dark night and asked for help.

The young man who lost his job due to coronavirus heard that there is a courier job in Iwon-myeon, Okcheon, and came to this place from Seoul, but he was unable to work.

The young man explained that he had no fever and no coronavirus in the medical examination he received as a coronavirus prevention, but he lost his opportunity as a result of high blood pressure.

When the police were told, they took off their feet for a young man who had lost his place to go without knowing the transportation or expenses.

After confirming that the last bus to Seoul was cut off, I took the young man to the train station, about 20 minutes away from the police box, and then cut the train ticket to Seoul at private expense.

The netizens who watched the video poured out praise, saying that the warm actions of the police would have been a great help to the youth.

In addition, "It hurts to think about the circumstances that I would have come down to work without any expenses," and "I am heartbroken at the back of the young man. I hope everyone is working hard now and hopefully," etc. I added warmth.

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(Source ='Korean Police Agency' YouTube)