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quarantine authorities are currently setting detailed standards for who will receive the Corona 19 vaccine, which is scheduled to enter Korea next month.

As the vaccination time approaches, requests from organizations and organizations are pouring out to give priority to vaccination.

For more information, this is reporter Kang Min-woo.

<Reporter> By the

night of the 12th, there are 17 organizations and organizations in total that have asked the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to include them in the corona vaccine priority target.

The first thing I asked for was organizations related to the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries.

Sailors who live on board for long periods of time or 70,000 port workers who have a lot of contact with foreign sailors are requested to be given priority.

[Lee Jong-ho/Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Sailor's Policy Division Manager: When infected, the (import/export) volume of goods cannot be moved, resulting in a huge national economic disruption.] For

similar reasons, Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power is given priority vaccination for nuclear power plant workers, etc. Requested.

[Choi Si-ye / Deputy Director of Public Relations at Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power: If essential personnel working at the power plant are infected with corona, there may be problems in the supply and demand of electricity.]

Organizations that have suffered from the collective infection have also launched.

The Ministry of Justice asked for correctional facilities workers and prisoners, and the Seoul Metropolitan Government asked for workers and users of residential facilities for the disabled.

[Song Eun-cheol/Seoul Metropolitan Gamyeong Disease Management Division Manager: Due to the nature of the facility, there is a high risk of spreading through group infection, and there have been cases of related group infections.] The

situation is the same for the Veterans Affairs



[Jungsik Choi/Head of Communication Team, Ministry of Veterans Affairs: We have requested an elderly person of national merit as a priority target.


fire department in charge of transporting confirmed patients, the coastal police, and the dentist's association, who are concerned about droplet exposure during medical treatment, made the same request.

There were also organizations that had to be included as there were many face-to-face work and exposed to the risk of infection.

The Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) announced that it will prioritize vaccinations according to scientific evidence, after collecting various opinions.

(Video editing: Choi Eun-jin)