It was confirmed that the chemical leakage accident at LG Display in Paju, Gyeonggi, where 7 people were injured, including 2 seriously injured on the 13th, occurred during the pipe connection work.

According to the police, it is estimated that the accident occurred during the operation due to a problem with the piping valve, but the cause of the abnormality of the valve and the direct cause of the leakage have not been identified.

On the afternoon of this afternoon, on the 5th floor of the P8 building, a 9-story factory building in LG Display, workers Lee Mo (40, male) and Choi Mo (40, male) were working on piping connections. They were employees of a partner company.

An official from the Paju Police Department in Gyeonggi, who is investigating the case, said, "It is not a regular operation, but it seems that the valve in the pipe was in the process of replacing the valve because of a problem." "This is the part that will come true."

It is estimated that 300-400ℓ of tetramethylammonium hydroxide (TMAH), a toxic and harmful chemical substance, leaked from this pipe.

As a result, it is known that Lee and Choi, who were working on, lost consciousness and collapsed, received cardiopulmonary resuscitation with cardiac arrest, and are now recovering fortunately.

According to the Korea Safety and Health Agency, TMAH is mainly used as a developer or cleaning agent in the electronics industry, and is also used as a surfactant to prevent aggregation.

TMAH, a colorless liquid that smells like ammonia, is a deadly toxic chemical that can cause burns, damage nerves and muscles when exposed to the skin, and can cause breathing difficulties or even death in a short time.

An official on the LGD side explained, "We will actively cooperate with the investigation of related organizations regarding the cause of the leakage."

In the near future, the police forensic investigation team and the National Institute of Scientific Investigation are scheduled to conduct a joint inspection.

Meanwhile, two seriously injured people were injured due to the TMAH leak that occurred at 2:20 pm on the same day, and 5 people are being treated at a nearby hospital.

(Photo = Yonhap News)